Full Page Magnifying Desk Lamp, 8 x 10 Inch Full Page Illuminated, 202052-04


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We no longer manufacture this desk lamp however here are some other of our highly popular full page magnifying lamps to consider:

This full page magnifier desk lamp illuminates and magnifies books, magazines or any project without glare or distortion. Daylight24 offers brighter and whiter natural daylight so you can see colors as they truly are with improved contrast and clarity. Instead of incandescent yellow colored light, this type of lighting allows you the benefits of being outside on a beautiful day, which reduces eyestrain and headaches. The 8-Inch by 10-Inch magnification shade has 12 LED natural daylight bu-Pound and is mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm with a convenient handle to adjust the light where you need it. The magnifier shade offer 3X magnification and has a convenient push on/off switch right on the shade. The painted silver finish is complemented with a black gooseneck arm that stands 26-Inch tall. The perfect lamp for any reading, work or craft project!

  • This full page magnifier desk lamp has 3X magnification and 12 natural daylight LEDs
  • 8-Inch by 12-Inch magnification shade with convenient handle to direct light where you need it
  • Adjustable gooseneck arm to easily move the shade

Learn more here how to care for your magnifying lamp.