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Daylight24 Limited Product Warranty & Exchanges

Our Limited Product Warranty

Daylight24 lamps and replacement parts are made with high-quality materials and tested with very rigorous standards. You will always get a long-lasting and highly reliable product. To further protect you from any product issues we do offer a 1-year limited warranty.

Our company guarantees that it will, at our option, replace or repair your product if it is defective due to faulty materials or faulty workmanship. There are of course limitations under this warranty. With that said, our warranty shall cover.

  • Any visible deterioration to the material that was used to manufacture our lamps.
  • Any physical flaws that cause our product to malfunction under normal usage and proper care.

The product must be returned in adequate condition so that we may further evaluate its malfunctioning issues, and properly dispose of it.  Keep in mind that:

  1. You can only exchange items that you purchased through our site.  If you bought it through one of our other retailers, you must go through them and,
  2. You must fill out the form below to receive a Return Number.  Your item will not be accepted without a Return Number!


If you purchased our product through another shop, you will have to return / exchange the product to them and follow their rules.

If you need to exchange your product, AND you purchased the product through our site then you must fill out the form below.  Our support team will process your request and contact you back with a Return Number and further instructions. 


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