Best Lamps for Arts and Crafts and Hobbies

How to Buy Best Craft Light and Hobby Light for the Buck

One of our biggest shopper groups is folks who enjoy sewing, and over the many years they have provided us with a lot of valuable feedback on what the best natural light sewing lamps should be able to do.  Using this feedback we worked hard on designing and developing some versatile hobby and sewing lamps, and we wanted to share with you some of the key things you should be looking for when searching for a good sewing lamp.  

Natural Daylight Dimmable LED Lamps – One of the key features sewing consumers want is a light that is bright, but has a controllable brightness.  Sometimes there simply is too much light especially when dealing with reflective fabrics and so its important for you to be able to control that brightness.  

Magnifier LED lamps with a bendable neck – This is another highly requested feature.  Its great to able to pull your light close to your task and point it where you want it. Furthermore, daylight allows you to see the color differences in thread and fabric. Subtle color differences pop and make your projects much easier under natural daylight LED while artificial lights blend those colors together.  

Bendable Bright Natural LED Lamps – A flexible neck to point the light exactly where you want it is a must. Though be sure that no levers on your sewing machine are going to hit your lamps neck.

Here are some popular natural light LED lamps that can help you with your sewing needs.  

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