Vision Enhancing Light

Why Natural Light Lamps Matter

There are numerous benefits that natural light offers over traditional lamp light.  It is perhaps best to allows as much natural sunlight into your home as possible though lets face it, there are days, and in some places even months of time where natural sunlight is minimized or hidden behind clouds for weeks at a time.  Although our lamps are not strong enough to treat Seasonal Mood Disorder, they do offer a lot of other great benefits! 

Improved Mood 

One of the most common things we hear from our customers is that they do have a general sense of feeling better when using natural daylight lamps.  Our lamps help you see better, offer a greater spectrum of colors and will definitely help you feel better as you work on your arts and crafts or other hobbies. 

Sharper Vision

Natural daylight lamps offer a much wider spectrum of colors.  In other words, they will can you a greater view of detail as you begin to see the finer detail amongst very similar colors.  Daylight lamps do a fantastic job helping out artists, hobbyists and folks who love to sow by opening up more of the colors.

Better Concentration

More and more studies show that natural light can help students concentrate and perform better.  In the late 90s there have been numerous studies done that showed students performing up to 25% better on standardized tests when using natural light (The Washington Post article can be found here).   Keep in mind that this study focused on natural light coming in from skylights and windows and not lamps.  Though we are curious if natural daylight lamps could help?  

Better Photography

It goes without saying that images taken with traditional light look rather bleached and yellowish.  If you are going to have big holiday meals and get togethers during the winter months, get yourself natural daylight and make your photos look more “natural”!  Daylight lamps open up many more colors, allowing photos to look truer to life than traditional lamps.   

Natural Daylight lets you read and write for hours and not feel tired - written over a lit field