Are Daylight Cordless Lamps Worth Getting?

We had site visitors ask us if cordless lamps are a good purchase and if they are as effective as plugged in daylight lighting.  There isn’t a simple answer to this so we decided to give everyone some advice to consider when shopping around for a cordless lamp.  These are some of our most frequent questions we get about cordless lamps and some things you should pay close attention to.

What are the benefits of getting a cordless daylight lamp?

Perhaps the biggest benefit is its mobility.  You may need to move a lamp between two or more places and don’t want to deal with hard to reach plugs (some of which may require moving furniture).  Some spaces simply lack the outlets needed to run lighting.  If that is the case then a cordless lamp might be a great option to consider.  Lastly, you might need to shift your daylight lamp to numerous locations and don’t want to buy multiple lamps.  In this case a single lamp may do the job of illuminating different spots, and doing it all with a single light.

Power loss is another big reason you should consider getting a cordless lamp.  Some areas are more susceptible to power loss than others and these lights are a great option as they provide much more light than a candle or flashlight.

Are Cordless Lamps Bad for the Environment?

A good cordless daylight lamp is very energy efficient and can run off the batteries for a very long time.  In addition to that you can also make sure that you don’t leave the lamp on any longer than is needed.  If you have kids around, remind them to turn off that light!  We also encourage you to purchase rechargeable batteries that won’t go into a landfill after they are drained (reuse, reuse, and reuse).  With good power management, an efficient daylight lamp and the usage of rechargeable batteries you can make your product be very environmentally friendly!

If you no longer need your cordless lamp you should also consider donating it to someone who may need one.  Second life is a great way to make a products lifecycle that much longer.

Are Cordless Daylight Lamps as Strong as Plug-in Lamps?

Yes!  In general cordless lamps use the same bulbs as plug-in lamps do. The only difference is that a plugged in lamp must use a transformer to lower the power strength while a battery operated lamp doesn’t need to do that much extra work.  The bulbs are the same and their continuous power flow is also the same, only the power source is what’s different.

Should I look at anything else when selecting a cordless daylight lamp?

Yes and this is an important question.  You should think about what types of tasks you will be using this lamp for.  Does this lamp simply need to brighten a space or will it be used for hobbies?  If using for hobbies, do you need to have a focused type of lighting, do you need a magnifying glass for reading or fine hobby projects?  Will it be easier to use a lamp that has an adjustable neck?  Consider how you will be using a lamp and how you will need to move the lamp around.  This may heavily impact your decision on what type of cordless daylight lamp to buy.

Here are some links that can help you better select a lamp depending on your need:  best sewing lamps, best arts and crafts lamps, best reading lamps, and best drawing lamps.  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions about any of the above or just need help choosing the right lamp!