Things to Consider When Shopping for a Daylight Floor Standing Lamp

We hope that this guide will help you decide how to purchase your perfect daylight floor lamp.  Here are some key points to take into consideration when buying your next floor lamp.  Although everyone’s situation is a little different, we are confident that you will learn a thing or two when it comes to selecting that perfect lamp that will last and serve your needs for many years to follow!

Things to Look for and Consider in Your Perfect Daylight Floor Lamp

Location of Light Switches – You should consider where your floor lamp switch is located and how accessible it is for your normal use.  If your floor lamp switch is on the ground, will it be easy for you to reach for it and operate?  What if its somewhere on the lamp head where you may have to search for it while the lamp bulb is shining as bright as it can in your eyes!

Changing out Bulbs – Do you know the overall operating life of your floor lamps bulb?  Will you be okay with how much time you will be able to operate the lamp, and if you do wish to keep it indefinitely, how easy will it be to swap out the bulb?  Most lamps come with long lasting bulbs these days, but not all.  We recommend that you check carefully how long the bulb will last you.

Be on a lookout if your lamp doesn’t come with an LED source but an incandescent bulb.  LEDs are much more energy efficient!. For example a 5W LED vs. a comparable 60-100W incandescent bulb may be able to give you about 10x the amount of light per single incandescent watt!  Plus the life of an LED bulb is substantially longer than an incandescent bulb.  Many of our lamps will last 20,000 hours to a max of 50,000 hours!  If you used your lamp 8 hours per day every single day at a minimum it may last you 17 years (for a 50,000 hour LED bulb), and if you use that same LED bulb for 4 hours a day, it would last you 34 years!

All of Daylight24’s lamps are now LED except our model 402042-07 (limited supply).  However, even this item has been upgraded to an LED version.

Color Options – LED Colors offered in your daylight floor lamp may also become important if you have a space that you’d like to change the mood in.  Some floor lamps allow you to have great brightness for hobbies or reading, and let you change the color ambience when you wish to relax a little at the end of the day.  We recommend that you put a little thought into how you will be using your new daylight floor lamp.  Will it be only a utility lamp or an all-purpose lamp.  Just as important, make sure that the glow temperature your floor lamp offers is comfortable, easy on the eyes, and enhances your overall room’s look.

Magnifying Glass for Reading – Some daylight floor lamps also offer a magnifying glass for the times when you need to read that fine print or are working on a very tricky project.  Think about how you will be using your lamp and ask yourself if you could benefit from having a magnifying glass on it.

Weighted Base – A weighted base that offers stability and isn’t too difficult to move (when you need to move it around) is important.  You will want to make sure that your floor lamp is very stable on both hard surface floor (such as wooden floor) as well as soft surface like a rug or a carpet.  At the same time is it easy for you to move a lamp around?  Make sure you don’t pick something that’s way too heavy.

We hope that these considerations will help you pick the perfect floor lamp.  We invite you to take a look at our list of available lamps here.

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