Creative Gift Ideas for 2021 Holidays

Here are some great gift ideas that should brighten up your friends and family. These are safe, unique and a great way to enjoy being inside while the winter weather does its thing.

Experience Gifts

There are companies out there that sell “experiences”. Anything from skydiving to whale watching to learning how to fly a helicopter. Granted many of these will be limited as the pandemic is keeping folks indoors, but it’s worth checking out companies such as Cloud9 Living where you can see what’s available and what you might be able to buy now and use down the road! It’s nice to gift someone with something they can look up to when things get much better, and talk about unique gifts!

App Membership Gifts

There are many apps you can install on your mobile phone, or tablet that offer actual instructions and help you with activities such as exercise, yoga, instrument lessons, and more. Right now is a great time to get a little help from a professional who can guide you (or those who get your gift) in getting into better physical, mental shape, or teach you how to brew your own beer! We recommend you start looking at the mobile app market for “lessons”, or “Instructions” and see if you can find a great course in yoga, cooking, or learning how to play a guitar. It’s there, trust us!

Masterclass Online Courses

This is yet another wonderful gift for those who have an interest in things such as writing, cooking, pastries, dancing, photography, you name it! Visit the MasterClass web site and start browsing through their amazing catalog of courses you can gift to anyone who wishes to expand their skills.

Magazine Subscription

This may be an odd gift to suggest but let’s face it there is something unique about sitting in that favorite chair, flipping through a magazine and sometimes stumbling onto an article that peaks your curiosity. Find out what your families and friends interests and hobbies are and find that great magazine for them.

Daylight Lamps For Everyone!

You KNEW we were going to recommend some of our own products didn’t you 😉

If you have someone in your circle who is older then there is a good chance they can benefit from a daylight magnifying lamp. These help hobbyists, artists, people who love to read and are very easy on the eyes and quite healthy on the soul! Click here to see our best magnifying daylight lamps.

Do you know someone who has a dog? How about this great daylight lamp and leash combination? This has a retractable leash, a strong and lost lasting 100 Lumen LED light, a red flashing backlight, a compass and much more. Great for walking your pet at night.

We hope you enjoy these gift ideas and wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season!