Other Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Its that gifting time of the year!  A time to start our extensive research to find that perfect gift for our friends and family, and lets face it, this can be a BIG challenge.  I have some suggestions for a more unique set of gifts that are better than getting “stuff”.  These are great gift ideas that your special one(s) will not forget and they will put them in a great mood!  Oh, and its all clutter free.

Gifting an Experience

There are lots of places offering memorable activities that can be shared as a gift.  Loads of museums, art galleries, music venues, sports events, farms, animal/nature reserves and so on all offer activities that you can share with your someone special.  There is nothing better than going out for half a day and sharing that experience.  You will get some walking done, perhaps a little sunlight and fresh air, and most importantly you will share in making great memories!  Here is a little tip.  Get a nice card and envelope where to put the tickets in and write a meaningful memo on the card a perfect gift!  A couple of years ago I purchased two tickets to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for an exhibit I knew my wife would love to see.  I bought a nice chocolate bar and tied the museum passes with a ribbon string to the chocolate bar and gave it to my wife.  She was very happy with this gift, and since that time we have returned there many times!

So be creative and start to look for fun activities and experiences in your area to gift to your family and friends!

Homemade Coupon Book With a Catch!  (Great Gift from Kids!)

I am going to throw a little twist into the age old coupon book.  Instead of you offering to do the chores by yourself, make a chore coupon book where you will be a chore “assistant”!  The goal is to share time, regardless of what the chore is.  Its all about sharing experiences, learning from others and striking conversations about anything you’d like to talk about.  Folding laundry is one thing, but folding it with a parent and just talking could turn out to be a gift that you may actually enjoy giving over and over again.  This might even turn into a tradition!

Gifting a Walk in Nature (Another Great Gift from Kids!)

One of the best ways to boost your health and happiness is with a nice walk in nature.  This one is especially a great idea kids can offer when money is tight.  You can make your own card with an invitation in it to go for a lovely nature walk.  You (the kid) provide the company, and the parents provide the ride.  Find a nice day and go out there!  As the year ends and days become shorter, it is very healthy and uplifting to go out and get some daylight and fresh air.

Donations on Someone’s Behalf

Sometimes showing that you care in a cause that’s dear to someone else is one of the most beautiful things you can do.  We all know what causes and issues our friends and family stand behind so why not make a contribution on their behalf and just let them know that you supported their cause.  This is a simple gift to give and also a great way to strike a conversation about why these causes are important to them.

Now for our Daylight Lamp Plug…

I hope that these alternative gift ideas help!  If you are stuck inside due to bad weather and want to get a daylight lamp for a board game or a good read then please keep us in mind!  We offer loads of great daylight lamps that will cheer you up and give you natural light for hobbies, knitting, reading and more.  Thank you for supporting us for so many years and thanks for reading our little plug!